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Tropical rainforest. Deforestation

Deforestation of the rainforest continues to be one of the major environmental problems in the world. In addition, we must add the problem of forest degradation. Deforestation data (published by FAO) indicates the hectares of forest has disappeared completely, but the clearance of forests, which is not reflected in a decrease surface, leads to a degradation of these vital ecosystems.

Hectares of rainforest eliminated

Hectares of forest removed for the 10 countries that have eliminated a greater surface in the period 1990-2010, with the % of the total forest of the country that has been removed.



Forest trend

In the past 10 years the rhythm of forest destruction has generally declined over past decades. Yet still continues to decrease the forest area, especially tropical rainforests, with what this means of loss of biodiversity and depletion of resources in the countries concerned.

Map of the evolution of forests worldwide. Colors indicate the relative increase or decrease in forest cover in each country. The intensity indicates the proportion of land area which is forest.