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Topics concerning population and its evolution: Population clocks of different areas, population density, pyramids, ...


World population clock

Estimate of the people living currently in the world Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Studies on climate change and the evolution of its motivating factors, situation of ecosystems, natural parks and protected or endangered species


Global warming

Evolution of the average annual temperature of the latests 50 years Source: NASA (GISS)


Study of world production, trade balances, finance, stock market evolution, and factors affecting the economy, both globally and regionally.


Evolution of GDP

World GDP (in dollars) in the last 10 years Source: International Monetary Found(IMF)


Topics concerning the different cultures:languages, religions, social structures, art, and also cultural events and minority cultures.


Languages of the World

Language families in the world Source: Etnologue




Events, both natural (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) and of human origin: wars, political conflicts, human rights, etc.

Civil rights

Citizens' rights in the world